Running C Ranch

It is the mission of Running C Ranch to raise the best grassfed Angus beef available --- to produce it in a fully sustainable manner --- to ensure that the animals are treated compassionately --- to provide it reasonably and conveniently --- to use only the best of organic and pasture, grassfed methods.

Information about purchasing our grassfed beef

Many of you know that we raise grassfed cattle on a ranch near Crockett, Texas. This year we are marketing our calves to personal buyers. We feel this is a more humane way of getting our meat to the consumer than auctioning it at an auction barn from where it is either goes to another ranch or to a feed lot. We are now ready to sale our Running C Ranch Black Angus “grassfed” calves.

Grassfed Beef Seminar

This was an educational paper presenting grassfed beef to readers.

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